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Rich Features 

Hidden costs are something you have to carefully look out for when considering packages. Do not be embarrassed, and always clarify any costs structure that you are uncertain of. The little details matter. Details like whether wedding gowns will be provided in-house or out-sourced, or whether corsages are provided in the photography package, could potentially make or break your wedding photoshoot experience. Just try to be careful

Actual Day Wedding Photography Shunqiang and Yining Singapore
Actual Day Wedding Photography Amos and Pam Singapore

Too good to be true?

Often, bridal boutiques will advertise a fee as low as $450. However, know that such a rate is often too good to be true. They often charge additional for basic amenities such as physical and online storage of photos, wedding albums and photo frames, and even basic photo editing. When adding these costs, the package will be decidedly more than the $450 advertised. At SGWeddingPhotography, we are thoroughly honest in our practices, and believe in a clear transparent price structure.

Package Features (What it includes)

There are many elements that go into an actual day wedding photography package. Each of them has their own costs and it is important for you to know which are the essential ones to include before signing up with a package.

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The Essentials

All that you ever need is here 

The Essentials

Most of the features below are included by many couples in their packages

Stories to Tell

Every couple has a unique story of their own to tell, and there is no better time to tell them than at the wedding day. Every angle, every moment, every shot; they capture a unique narrative in the storyline. At SGWeddingPhotography, not only do we capture romantic and intimate photos, but also turn them into a fun and whimsical adventure.

Wedding Photographer Singapore

Time Machine

An image alone can often transport you back into a golden moment in your life. We want you to be able to look back at the pictures several years from now, and still be in awe of the love that made you who you are.

Wedding Albums

Capturing Moments

Most modern weddings today have a modern wedding photo album to match. They serve as a beautiful reminder of all those wonderful moments, and you can relive them over and over again. The walk down the aisle. The first dance. The moment when you both say “I do”.

Wedding Album Wedding photography
Wedding Album Wedding photography

Sharing Stories

All these intricate moments can be simply revisited when you flip the page of your wedding albums, and can be stories that you share with your children years later!


Stunning Wear

There is nothing more memorable than donning the perfect wedding gown and bridal dress. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we only get to do this once. We want to do it right. It is every woman’s dream to have all eyes of envy on her as she walks down the aisle.

Evening Dresses Wedding Gowns Wedding photography
Evening Dresses Wedding Gowns Wedding photography

That Gown

You would know when you are wearing the right wedding gown. It will look immaculate, sparkling in every photo that you take. It is a whole new level of gorgeous, and the photos that come out won’t lie.

Make-up Artists

Bridal Styling

Every wedding is unique, therefore customisation is necessary. A great make-up artist should create the style that best suits not only your personality, but your wedding theme and color choices. It is easy to get swept up in the latest fashion trend or design fad, but these impulse decisions rarely withstand the test of time.

Make-up Artists Wedding Photography Actual Day Package Singapore
Make-up Artists Wedding Photography Actual Day Package Singapore

Stunning Look

So when we are planning for the most important day of your life, it is important to resist the urge to following trends, and end up regretting your decision when you look back 10 years later. At SGWeddingPhotography, we strongly believe in choosing a wedding and makeup style that you’ll love now and at your 50th wedding anniversary.


Quirky Photos

If there’s something your wedding guests are bound to love, it’s a photo booth! A simple booth placed at a corner of the room will keep your guests entertained throughout the day. It doesn’t matter the age group, your 5-year-old niece, and your 85-year-old grandfather would find this quirky addition equally fun and amusing. In between dishes, they can serve as great entertainment for all, and serve as meaningful mementos for every invited guest.

Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth
Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth

Funky Props

A range of different backdrops and props keep the photos new and fresh. There is always something different that you can do with your guests. It is no wonder that is has grown increasingly popular amongst wedding planners in recent years.


Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth
Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth
Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth

New Mandarin

Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth
Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth
Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth


Actual Day Photography Package Photobooth

Wedding Cars

Glamor and Grandeur

Elegant wedding cars can make your bridal photographs even more beautiful, adding touches of glamour and charm. Often, they are associated with classiness and stylishness, with a wedding photo shoot as the perfect complement. Our wedding cars will add a special touch of glamour on your big day.

Wedding Car Rental Service Wedding photography
Wedding Car Rental Service Wedding photography

Fairytale Stories

Just as fairytale princesses arrive at the ball in an elegant coach, the bride must also arrive at her wedding in style. A gorgeous and classy wedding car will definitely be part of many beautiful memories in a special day, one that will be looked back upon fondly in the yearly wedding celebrations


Flowers and More

Whilst a lush bouquet of flowers can look gorgeous to some, not every bride would want to carry one, or have their bridesmaids have to hold something either. As much as it is beautiful, it can be cumbersome and inconvenient as well.

Floral and Corsages Wedding photography
Floral and Corsages Wedding photography

Pretty Embroideries

We love the idea of a wrist corsage as it can be as simple as a single full bloom, or as complex as multiple flowers and ribbons. The bottom line is, there is a whole range of possibilities to explore when it comes to corsages. They are the perfect floral accessory for not just the bride, but also for the mother of both the bride and the groom, as well as the beautiful bridesmaid.


Select the one that best fits your needs


Package Deals

At SGWeddingPhotography, we understand that hidden costs or overspending are huge concerns for you. When not properly planned, it could lead to an unhappy wedding experience. As such, we make our price structure very clear, and we offer the following 3 packages. Customisation is always possible, if you have certain preferences that you would like to see added from these basic packages.

Evening Dresses Wedding Gowns Wedding Photography Singapore


The Wedding Classic is a no-frills wedding photography package that is perfect for couples who just want a simple affair on their wedding. With just the most essential services, you'll still leave a great impression on friends and family members. Affordability is key here for couples who are on a tight budget and has limited wriggle room.

Wedding Photographer Singapore


The Wedding Prestige gets the best of both worlds, and is a package meant for couples who know just how special this day is. Spending just the right amount of money to create beautiful moments that can be frozen into photo-framed memories forever, this package ensures that everything is done with balance and moderation.

Wedding Car Rental Service Wedding Photography Singapore


The Wedding Deluxe is an absolute treat to behold, and will be the passionate envy of friends and families now and in the future. Involving the top professionals in each aspect, it creates the perfect memory to be tirelessly reminisced upon for generations to come. You never knew beauty until you have been through the Luxury Wedding Experience

Evening Dresses Wedding Gowns Wedding Photography Singapore


We understand every wedding is different. We offer customisation, where brides and grooms can choose to value-add certain services the very way that they want it. You get to choose the exact wedding photography experience you want on your actual wedding day. Manage your budget well and choose only the features that you want.

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A clear, transparent pricing structure allows you to know exactly what you are paying for

Actual Day Wedding photography


Always know what you are getting for in your photography packages. Many bridal boutiques offer a variety of packages, and some even advertise at as low a rate as $450 for the entire event. Sometimes, when things sound to good to be true, it often is. Many of these bridal boutiques do not give you a clear breakdown of the cost structure. They leave out essential amenities such as photo frames and albums when doing their calculations. When it’s all said and done, you find yourself paying up to 10x the original promised amount. As such, it is a good idea to always have a clear idea of what you are signing up for.

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