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Did you remember the day when he asked you to marry him? Yes, I know. It was only a few hours later that you’ve started to think about the wedding dress. From the first thought to the final choice, you have probably changed your mind more than once. It is so common and expected that you share your ideas with friends and family. You might also have an exquisite role model to look at. Some of us know exactly what they want from the beginning, and some are looking and looking until they find the unique dress. Of course, it has to be special and beautiful to emphasize your own beauty and happiness. You know best how you want to look on your wedding, and how you want to feel in front of the camera, in order to have the biggest moments captured forever.

Honestly, I didn’t have yet any idea about the dress but I knew exactly which sandals will I wear. Our lives consist of a lot of coincidences, and it was just a simple working day when I saw them in the shop window. They captured my eye at the first glance and I knew immediately that these are the right ones. At the moment I tried them in the store, the choice was made. I will wear them on our wedding day! All the way to my home I was thinking about the wedding, and how perfectly these sandals express my style. Until I realized that I turned ‘the procedure’ upside down. It seemed like a double trouble to find the dress that will be perfect for me, and that will match the sandals too. However, I’ve never doubted my choice. Thinking on the big day, on our love, and our future, I have started to look at the magazines, and there it was – a dress that was just the perfect match.

A wedding day is one of the most significant days in our lives. Although you keep all important parts of the pre-wedding preparation process in your mind, it may happen sometimes that someone else’s opinion affects yours. Don’t be afraid to listen to your inner self and do not ever forget that this is your big day. Only your and the opinion of your significant other is what counts. Your deep love and passion have brought you to the altar and there you are, soon to be standing in front of all the people who matter. These simple magic words ‘I do’ will change something between you forever. Enjoy every precious moment of the pre-wedding weeks, knowing that new challenges and excitements are waiting just around the corner. This time is a great overture for the next adventure.

Led by coincidence, I have got the wedding outfit in the complete accordance with my dreams and my soul. It reflected the character and style on the day I will always remember as the day when we got married and when the whole new life began. The wedding day is full of most precious feelings of love and enthusiasm. The happy couple is supposed to smile and enjoy every second. Only if you hold on to what you really want and what best suits you, you will be able to express yourself at your best. Professional photographers know how to turn the special moment into eternal memory but what you should read from your wedding photographs is the feeling. Many years after, the feeling of self-satisfaction is still there, love is in the air, and you two are genuinely smiling.

The wedding is an occasion like no other. It is solemn, emotional, and beautiful. What you choose to wear on that day will make you seem like a prince and princess but it still will be you. Listen to your heart, hold on to your wishes and make them all come true. It was a journey since the day he proposed you, and now this chapter ends, and the whole new one begins. You and your beloved one glow like you never glowed before. Behind your astonishing dress and his amazing suit, you are the same lovely couple – natural, spontaneous, and so much in love like on the first date. There is nothing ordinary about the wedding day. On that day, couples turn into families, girls into wives and young men into husbands. You will always remember the feeling, and the photographs will be framed on the wall to remind you every day how great your appearance was.

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