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“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering”

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Indian Pre-Wedding photography

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Engaging your own individual vendors aka “going a la carte” on the other hand can be a good option if you have lots of time to coordinate the entire event. However, it can be both costly and messy. Chemistry is often understated in its importance in making an event work. The dynamics between the photographer, make-up artists, gown designers are all integral to creating a successful experience. It is important that the various vendors of your wedding experience are well acquainted with each other.

Build your own package

At SGWeddingPhotography, we provide a wide range of packages with different options to choose. However, we also understand the need to personalise certain elements and tweak certain features. There might be components which you find unnecessary, and others which you would like to add in. Hence, we also offer the ability to customise your very own package. Below are just some of the packages that we offer.

Indian Pre-Wedding photography


Indian Wedding photography

Actual Wedding Day

Whether you choose to go for a traditional Indian Wedding, or a more modernized approach, the feelings are the same. Capture the happiness & emotions as friends and families gather to toast to the union of you and your significant other. We love nothing more than to be present, and have an opportunity to photograph the heartwarming events that unfold throughout the day.

Indian Pre-Wedding photography


The journey before the wedding is as important as the actual day itself. It is the time to create your very own personalized love story. Travel across Singapore to find spots that hold special places in your heart, or go for an overseas wedding shoot whilst enjoying a well-deserved vacation. This is the time where you can have as much fun as you want. Let your creativity run wild.

Indian Wedding Photography Childbirth Singapore


Childbirth photography is the most exquisite, yet delicate and fragile branch in photography. Blink, and you’ll miss something you’ll never have again in your life. Sure, in some regards, the moments are so small; A mother locking eyes with her newborn baby. Yet, in other ways, they are monumental. A few seconds pass, and the lives of some families are changed forever.

Indian Wedding photography


The wondrous journey has only just begun after the wedding day. From here on, couples live their lives together, and do everyday stuff together. We often consider lifestyle photography the purest representation of emotions and personality, much more than any intention photo shoot. There is a quiet, subtle beauty to be had in these everyday moments.

Wedding Photography Price List Singapore

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Actual Day Wedding Photography

Capturing all the golden moments, from the sprightly start to the magnificent finish

Pre- Wedding Photography

Capturing all the moment that makes your love so special

Pricing Table – Pre-Wedding Photography

Childbirth Photography

The first moments in life

Pricing Table – Childbirth Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Every moment is a photo frame

Pricing Table – Lifestyle Photography

Indian Wedding Photography Packages Singapore

Tailor-made Unique Wedding Experiences

Indian Wedding Photography Packages Singapore

Creating your magical fairytale

About Us Wedding photography

Creating Fairytales

Not all photography packages have to be inexorably expensive. If you know what you need, you can simply eliminate the other unnecessary elements. Indian Wedding Photography Packages Singapore allow you to include only the elements that you wish to include, and we will not impose unnecessary elements. For us, you are the most important person we are going to work with. Your priorities are our priorities.

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Pre-Wedding Photography

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