Pre Wedding photography

Storybook your journey of love, pre-wedding


“And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince”

Journey of Love

Where it all begins

After the official engagement, the preparation for the actual wedding day begins. This is probably the most exciting time in your life, wherein your status will change from the simple, single life to a blissful and joyous married life – certainly one of the most unforgettable and most memorable moments.

Pre Wedding photography
Pre Wedding photography

Stars of the Show

Pre-wedding photography is now becoming a highlight for most soon-to-be-wedded couples. This is the first time that you have the license to show-off your love and appreciation for each other in a non-apologetic, extravagant way.  Part of the build-up to the actual wedding day is the opportunity to take gorgeous pre-wedding photographs together with your significant other, the one that you finally get to spend the rest of your life with.

Destination Pre-Wedding

Explore the world to your hearts’ content, as we capture the magic of your love in the most extraordinary of backdrops and sceneries.

Choose between Local or Overseas pre-wedding photography


Beautiful Destinations

As experts in pre-wedding photography, we have carefully selected the most breathtaking and beautiful backgrounds for your event. From continent to continent, we know the most exquisite wedding destinations that you can double up for pre-wedding or bridal photography and honeymoon.

Shortlisted Locations

We have taken the time to fully explore the below-mentioned destinations. Each of these cities are filled with wondrous locations that serve as the perfect wedding story backdrop. You can either choose to stay locally to have your pre-wedding photographs taken, or surround yourself in a beautiful foreign town to tell your wedding story. Of course, the list of destinations are non-exhaustive. If you have a city in mind that you would like to visit, we would be more than happy to make the necessary arrangements. You can drop us a message at the bottom of the page for a customised pre-wedding experience.

Pre Wedding photography

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Home is where the heart is

Local Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Singapore Pre Wedding photography


There are many hidden gems in Singapore that can leave you speechless with their beauty. This is for the couple that fell deeply in love with bright sunny Singapore. Be it delivering bountiful scenic views and offering the lushness greeneries or vibrant cityscape, a local pre-wedding photoshoot can surely surprise you!

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Local Pre-Wedding Photography



Indoor Photoshoot

Outdoor Photoshoot

Casual Photoshoot

Wedding Photography Price List Singapore

All that you ever need is here 

Overseas Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding photography


It simply is impossible to choose the best season to go to Japan for a photoshoot. Each season has its own merits, beautiful in its own rights. Spring plays host to the Sakura Season. Summer delights with the lush greenery and flower fields. August contains the wonderful hues of late fall. Winter surprises with the pristine and beautiful winter landscapes of regions near sea and city.

Bali Pre Wedding photography


A destination that has grown to become increasingly popular in recent years, Bali is now the No. 1 destination for pre-wedding photography in Singapore. With the cool breeze against your cheeks and the wonderful symphonies of waves, it is easy to see why. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and view of the magnificent sea-level horizon.

Taiwan Pre Wedding photography


Leafy forests. Stone Buildings. Golden Sunshine. Bright city lights. Taiwan combines the best of both rural and urban elements to provide the most stunning pre-wedding photography backdrops.Walking through many of its natural wonders is a surreal experience, with the cloud-flecked sapphire sky further cementing its fairytale atmosphere.

Pre Wedding photography

Makign dreams come true

Pre Wedding photography

Making dreams come true


Stuff of Dreams

Have you been dreaming of having a pre-wedding photoshoot ever since your engagement? You might be stuck in a dilemma between a Pre Wedding photography or Pre-Wedding Photography Overseas. On one hand, an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot sounds the exact stuff dreams are made of. On the other hand, it is much more economical to stay in Singapore, and the memories made here are much more authentic. Besides, both the indoor and outdoor locations in Singapore are truly quite stunning.

Pre Wedding Photography Darren and Peiwen Singapore
Pre Wedding Photography Darren and Peiwen Singapore

Follow Your Heart

Our recommendation is to follow your heart. Ideally, the locations do not matter as much as the stories you tell. A pre-wedding photography is meant to help you and your significant other capture your love in photos. The way you interact with the sceneries, background, and props are much more important than the countries you choose. The perfect pre-wedding photography is the one where you, your significant other, and your environment comes together in a perfect harmony


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