Pre Wedding photography Price

A 3-Tier Price List allows you great flexibility in determining your budget

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Priceless Memories

The idea behind a pre-wedding photoshoot is all about enjoying the precious moments right before you become Mr. and Mrs. That is, being able to do all the silly things together and rekindle the feeling of nervousness, happiness, and excitement. This is why pre-wedding photoshoots are usually designed to be casual, fun, creative and romantic. Prices start from $2,199, and can be completely customisable depending on the features you want to include.


Live, Laugh, Love

From the bottoms of our hearts, we sincerely want to document everything that happens on this special day with perfect shots so that they can be eternalized in your memories. Pre-wedding photography is a memorable event that is mixed together with moments of silly humor, touching moments, and breathtaking sights. Your experience can vary according to the features you want present in your photography.


Registry of Marriage Pre Wedding Photography Singapore

Registry of Marriage (ROM)

This package is for you if you have a separate ROM celebration and requires coverage. The day when you exchange wedding vows. The entourage. The flowers. The people that came to share with you this very special event. All these moments will be eternalised in beautiful photo frames to treasure for the rest of your life. It is intended to provide couples with everlasting memories that this life-changing event has to offer.

Basic Package Pre Wedding Photography Singapore


A no-frills concept, this basic version of our pre-wedding photography package is ideal for the couple who wishes to have a simple engagement shoot in an indoor studio setting only. Basic amenities are provided, and photography will be wrapped up in a half-day event. This would also be a great idea for married couples who wish to relive their wedding memories with a photo shoot at your wedding anniversary.

Prestige Package Pre Wedding Photography Singapore


The Prestige version of our pre-wedding photography package is perfect for the couple who wishes to have a sophisticated engagement shoot in various outdoor locations. A make-up artist will also be following us throughout, touching up on both the bride and groom during shooting breaks. This is great for adventurous couples who would love to add variety to their backdrops in their wedding photos.

Deluxe Package Pre Wedding Photography Singapore


The deluxe package is ideal for the couple who knows just how special this occasion is, and wishes to create memories rich in details and emotions. A personal make-up artist and hairstylist will be assigned to the couple. Photography takes place at several locations over 2 days. You can request for an unlimited number of retouches of the photos from the photographer, only receiving the full photo set when you are satisfied.

ROM Photography

Where you say “I do”

Pricing Table: ROM Photography

Additional Features

Live engaging projection

Provide your guests with an interactive experience. Photos can be displayed on the big screen, allowing them to relive the moments shared by you and your significant other. They can then download photos instantly to share on social media as well.

(Worth S$300, 2 hours | S$80/hour for additional coverage)

Instant Photo Downloads

All your photos are captured and updated immediately as soon as it’s taken by our camera. Your guests can easily access high-quality pictures, from their personal internet enabled device (computer, tablet, Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc).

(Worth S$240, 2 hours | S$100/hour for additional coverage)


Interactive Guestbook

A fun and interactive experience for your loved ones to leave their heartfelt wishes and messages digitally. Their messages will all be displayed on the big screen, together with the HD Photos captured throughout the event.

(Worth S$250, 2 hours | S$70/hour for additional coverage)

Pre Wedding Photography

The place where a lifelong journey of growth, love, and happiness begins

Pricing Table: Pre-Wedding Photography

Additional Features


There is a wide range of photographers that caters to unique wedding styles and themes. If you feel that you need more than 1 dedicated photographers to feel at ease, we have your backs. You might consider this if you want separate coverage of your friends and families during the occasion.

(Worth S$490, 5 hours | S$90/hour for additional coverage)



The photographer of the day might have his hands full taking memorable pictures of you and your significant other. If you would love to have another dedicated videographer responsible for the filming of the entire event, it would be a good call to bring in another personnel. to feel at ease, we have your backs.

(Worth S$470, 5 hours | S$90/hour for additional coverage)



A single personal make-up artist attached to you is normally enough. However, if you would like one more to cater to each of you, or to have a dedicated make-up artist and another for hair-styling purposes, you can definitely request for another stylist to be there all the way with you.

(Worth S$390, 5 hours | S$70/hour for additional coverage)

Pre Wedding photography Price

Transparent and honest, with no hidden costs

Pre Wedding photography Price

Detailed breakdown of every package

Actual Day Wedding Photography Ronson and Regina Singapore

Getting it right

Pre Wedding photography Price may differ across packages. Always know what is included in each pricing, to ensure no hidden costs are silently added. A transparent pricing structure allows you to choose exactly what you need, ensuring that the experience you get is the experience you paid for.

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